The Eurocultured Street Festival took place on June 3-4th in downtown Manchester. Two days of an endless explosion of music, dance and art. The photos give a veritable account of what happened in New Wakefield Street, and we are tremendously envious on part of those who could not attend.

The festival had a space in the program of “Live painting on the street“. Montana Colors, one of the sponsors of the event, was responsible for the attendance of the urban artists´ team with everything necessary to give a visual to match the occasion.

The group in charge of decorating the walls consisted of Low Bros, Dulk, Nicolas Barrome aka Jeanspezial, Frau Isa, Zedz, Akse p19, Parxant, Xenz, Sickboy and Matt Sewell among others …

If you can´t enjoy live memories from  this tremendous festival, at least enjoy the pictures by Al Baker and Ric Lowe.

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