“Provocative, stirrer of consciences, a truly controversial figure … NEKO is difficult to classify. An artist who loves to play with his identity and who does not fear the rapid disappearance of his works, as long as they conveyed the ideas he defends. His works are his ideas materialized… And his wealth of ideas and creativity turns out to be  inexhaustible.

This is one of the most active graffiti writers on the current international scene. His street actions under the slogan “Neko was here”, his striking interventions in the urban furniture stock  or the shock they are causing – like the last one performed at the stand of the El País during the celebration of ARCO 2012 – make people like Andrés Trapiello write flattering articles about his art and characters like Leo Bassi take the time to criticize him. Even the newspaper El País named him one of the most influential people of  the national culture in 2012.

Slippery as few, we from iam Gallery in Madrid have managed to lock in him for a whole month in our space to mark the launch of a book, his book; which is much more than a book, it condenses into 90 remarkable pages and the space of our gallery all his art…”

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