We always move around trying to get first hand from the protagonists a piece of their story. In this case, Smole, a prolific writer and a reference on the French graffiti scene who became known within the disappeared group C4 and currently an active member of FTW, TF1 and BSB, received us in his hometown Montpellier and shared these lines  with us:


My name is Jerome, Jeronimo if you ask my family, or Smole aka Smolito by my friends… I’ve been painting for about 15 years in montpellier, france and other places.

How would you define your style?

Good question! I can’t really define it.. I don’t believe I can put my style in a particular genre. I try new “tricks” that sometimes works out good and other times work out less, it all depends on my personal mood or feeling at the moment itself.

What is the most important ability or capacity for a writer?

Not letting yourself overexpose in different types of media to avoid whatever type of problem..  in todays way of the game too many kids expose themselves a lot on the net, as an example.

You travelled a lot..  what is the big difference between your hometown and the rest?

Yeah, I’ve been around quite much, especially between 2000 and 2010 doing interrails which gave me the opportunity to visit most capital cities of Europe (thanks to all my travel-mates!), that got me new influences. On the subject of the difference between Montpellier and other cities I prefer the other ones, lets say I feel more free, more action for me and I feel happier.

You lived in Barcelona? how was the experience?

It was one year only! The difference in vibe compared to Montpellier is huge. A voice inside me screams GO BACK! I have to work a bit on the language thow, so people understand the strange type of animal I am.

Legal or illegal graff?.. and if the answer is illegal, adrenaline or style?

Both works for me even if I admit that one has nothing to do with the other. I like to paint below pressure just as I like more chill painting. The feeling kind of depends of my state of mind at the moment.

Tell us which is you’re strongest or most memorable experience while painting?

I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago, going back to do the same mission where I earlier had got caught and convicted. Maybe it was the need for payback, but in the end it was really liberating.

We have seen a lot of rooftops in town, but not so many tags or pieces.. how is that?

Its all because of hard anti-graffiti politics in the city of Montpellier. The kids have found out you have to do rooftops to make them last. The company assigned to buff by the city council seems to have vertigo or something…

We have noticed you like to paint canvases.. whats the plan, projects?

Yes, more and more all the time. I like painting in new ways playing with thickness, relief, materials and using different tools. I have always had the need to draw, and whatever the materials used I think that canvas is logical evolution on my path. Even though I love painting outdoors of course..

About coming projects. Right now I work in a house were I will do a expo with Salamech and Al Sticking around mid september. I also have a solo-show for the galley Dock Quest in Concarneau, Bretagne for october, and to end off the year in a good way I have a group-show in Montana Gallery Montpellier for christmas! Shit, I got work to do!!

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