Krink se ha unido a Blank You Very Much para organizar un concurso de diseño de camiseta. ¡El premio es, nada mñas y nada menos que mil dolares!

to put on a t-shirt design contest with a prize of $1000! All of the information is below, including a link to the submissions page. Please share this opportunity with friends, followers, anyone you think might be interested!

We can’t wait to see the results!

Krink got its start in DIY culture, and now in that same spirit we’re giving YOU a chance to create an original Krink shirt design in honor of Independence Day. You’ll be provided with brand assets and a blank Tee template.

Submit your designs using one or all of the provided Krink graphics with the theme of DIY roots & culture, Americana, hip-hop, punk, or skate aesthetics.

Enter now at for your chance to win $1,000!

The winning design in this contest will be the one that offers the most innovative take on a well-known brand. Let’s see what you’ve got!

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