Azores are the islands whom pertain to Portugal, situated in the middle of the Atlantic sea, far away from the continent. Inside the council of Ribeira Grande we can find the district of Rabo de Peixe, a humble neighbor where the people live with the money they earn from fishing.

Is In this islands where the festival Walk Talk happens, and where the artist Eme decided to make her work. The huge mural illustration consists in a boomerang surrounded by a sash that has the sentence “Volta para mim” (come back to me) written.

The artist wanted to honor to the families of the fishermen, and particularly to their wives, whom wait with distress the return of their husbands after fishing in the ocean, dedicating also the work to her mothers and the ones which lose their big love that never returned.

A touching illustration with the bittersweet flavor that Eme’s use to make us feel, and that brought richness with color and happiness to Rabo de Peixe coast, ¡BIG UP EME!

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PIcture courtesy by Zoraida Roselló.

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