Accustomed to European graffiti and graffiti from both coasts of the United States, we have had the opportunity to interview and meet a writer from Texas who sheds some light on the scene in his own state. Sloke One visited during the last days of July and this is what he told us.

Please, introduce yourself.

Hello! , I write SLOKE ONE. I rep for CBS, TD4, LORDS, CREATURES, NBK, RWS, and LAWS crews.

Can you explain us how is the graffiti scene in Texas?   In your opinion, which are the particularities and differences between Texas and the rest of Usa? and Europe?

The Graff scene in Texas has a history dating back to the early 1980’s. Today you can find writers all over the state (Texas is BIG)! In the beginning, like so many, we were influenced by East Coast styles then later West Coast styles. I would say that Texas has developed a “Hybrid” style of both coasts. It is hard to really pin down a “Texas style” because we have many styles!

We know, that you are related to a big music festival in Austin? in wich way?

Every year my crew paints at the Fun Fun Fun Festival. The Festival showcases Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Indie, and Metal acts. It is a 3 day event that draws people from all over the US. You should come this year!

How will you describe your style?

Evolving! I enjoy painting simple to complex pieces, but I love any good burner!

How do you see the european graffiti scene? tell us about your travel: Barcelona, San Sebastian, París.

I have always been a fan of European Graffiti, especially the painting techniques. I recently traveled with Jaber to San Sebastian, Perpignan, Paris, and Barcelona. We met some very nice people, painted non-stop, and toured the MTN factory! It was an awesome experience. I’ll be back next year!

Did you try the new hardcore?

Yes. Good color selection and excellent coverage!

Wich is the weirest place you painted in?

In Miami during Art Basel last year. We were painting at night in the Wynwood district when 3 cop cars stopped and allowed us to finish our pieces. They said they were there to “protect” us from the neighborhood gangsters. That has never happened before!

What it the best thing graffiti has given to you?

The drive to learn and continue painting!

A song wich defines you..

“The Harder They Come” by Jimmy Cliff

Chose 3 writers and their best pieces for you.

DARE (R.I.P.),PHASE 2, SMASH 137, Haven’t seen a bad one yet from them!

Shouts and…

My goals for the future are to continue traveling,growing as an artist, and to leave a positive impact on this planet.

I wanna give props to The Universe, My Family, My Crews, Kanos,Astro,Desy in Paris, Seo in Irun, Musa and Angelo in Barcelona (Thanks for the hospitality)!, My boys Rei, Mez,Mes,Wake,Spain,Slie,Jaber,Blief,Jase, Neon, and Bam back home! (Too many to name here)! And A BIG THANK YOU TO MTN for the support they have given us throughout the years!  Know your History! Learn to Burn! Shut Up and Paint! Peace!

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