Recently the Milestone Festival was held and many different urban artists participated. Between them the duo Interesni Kazki. We took our time out to get closer to the dreamy, symbolic and conceptual universe where these two ukrainians are titled ambassadors.

Who is Interesni Kazki?

Interesni Kazki are two persons: Aec & Waone ( Aleksei & Vladimir )

How did you get interested in the street?

We started from old school graffiti, painted trains and did pieces. With time we understood that this way of painting would not let us develop that much, and we became more interested in work with stories and characters and stopped writing our names. This happened in 2005 aprox.

Where does your inspiration come from? Urban artists or classic artists?

We take inspiration from different things. It can be urban art, classic art, science fiction, religion, philosophy etc.

We see that you handle well painting in any size … What do you like about each of them?

We like to work in large scale but we also like to do smaller walls. It all depends on what we are going to paint.

Larger walls makes it possible to implement some kind of message since its well seen, especially if its situated in good place, like in traffic for example.

What materials do you prefer to use for your work?

That also depends of the wall size and how much time we have for painting.
For big scale stuff we prefer to use acrylic paint, rollers and brushes cause it gives us more speed. Only for smaller details we use spray.

Usually we combine acrylic and spray on the walls and sometimes we only use acrylics.

When we do canvases we usually only use acrylic.

What message do you want to convey with them? Are they personal messages,  for a specific audience or the general public?

Sometimes we have an exact message in our work that address to society, different types of critical messages.

Other times we work more with philosophy or science fiction topics, with a kind of deeper meaning to it. It also happens we work without any exact meaning at all, people can be free to interpret the work as they want.

Often we get topics for our works from the subconscious.

After finishing the piece we can find some meaning for ourselves..

What artists catches your attention?

My attention catches artists who works truthfully, who works without thinking how to get commercial success with doing popular art.

What does it mean for you to paint at festivals like this? Does it limit your creativity or on the contrary it opens new possibilities?

Traveling and painting inspires generally, you see new places and meet new people.

Girona also gave us some inspiration cause its a magical city with its own spirit. The place we stayed really inspired, beautiful nature and mountains all around…

Can you describe the mural you did there?

Name of work : “ Seed”.

This work is about creation of life and the begining of the Universe.

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