Did you see the last Essentials made by Hyperbeast? This time dedicated to our beloved Craig Costello aka KR.

Craig Costello or “KR” is the founder of Krink, now the world’s quickest growing art supply line. Cheekily, the NYC-based artist describes himself as “a terrible art student, a semi-successful vandal, and an entrepreneur who learned everything the hard way.” After art school and making a splash in San Francisco with his bold signature “drip” style of graffiti, KR returned home to New York where he soon started supplying home-concocted inks to the thriving street art scene. What initially began as a creative project has become an entire product line of quality markers and inks unique to the Krink style of writing, and Krink collaborations have resulted in limited edition aesthetics in partnership with like-minded players like Nike, Incase and Kidrobot. Naturally, Craig still needs his inks with him–in a large Krink 8-liter applicator, along with black and silver Krink markers and all kinds of paper in varied sizes, measuring tape, rulers, box-cutter, heavy duty scissors, and an 8″ kitchen knife among other things–all the Essentials a semi-successful vandal ought to have on him.’

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