Krink NYC and Montana Colors Barcelona (MTN) are pleased to announce the MTN x Krink K-750, a very special can with unique properties. Years in development, the K-750 is a complete can-redesign utilizing select valves, pressure, paint, and nozzle; truly one of a kind, there is no competition. The K-750 contains a massive 750ml/25oz of premium quality matte finish paint and is capable of creating lines 4M/12’ tall! A unique Krink concept paired with Montana’s advanced engineering, the K-750 sets a new standard in innovation. Krink and Montana Colors continue to design fresh and original products for today’s art-supply market and are committed to new ideas for an ever growing creative-community worldwide. Go big or go home!

Highest quality. Handmade in Spain. Available in matte black and matte white. For more information please visit or
Available now in Europe. Coming to the USA Fall 2012.

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