Sixe and Nano4814 forms together with El Tono and Nuria MoraThe Plastic Team‘, a collective where they put aside their individuality to create projects as a group in a particular place or city. A kind of multidisciplinary expo discipline for a determined length of time.

This exhibition is the first time that Sixe and Nano4818 confronts in their particular graphical worlds. The object is to create a serie of drawings, screens and sculptures around the subject of masks thought to be at exposure at SC gallery in Bilbao. The show will have 4 original drawings together with 14 screen prints in one type of ink, intervened by other colors, 7 of each model. And various sculptures.

The mask, the name of this show, is in reference to a common element that represent both artists. A ritual instrument used as a catalyst in the process of mutation to go from being one to become another. Hides and reveals, as in this case the clash between two complementary personalities, stuck in the using of color, and… color being the true protagonist in this case.

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