Luce‘s work can be defined as experimental bombing. Like in the most orthodox of graffiti, the goal of this style is to reach the entire city, but its development lies  solely on the basis of materials, locations and resources, completely leaving aside the formal modification of the letters.

In his personal exploration of the concept “bombing”, Luce discovers reflections and encounters very interesting experiences, like this last one published  in his blog, as charming as it could be.

I was writing on the street and then, and I will say it again this is where I feel best, it is a continuous exchange, I paint in all kinds of different neighborhoods and I have otten to  differentiate them by their wealth. Rich neighborhoods and slums.

What made me write this is a comment made by a neighbour of mine, who lives three blocks over and is about 40 years old.

When crossing the street one day and after seeing my name on the lamp posts on both sides of the street, he stopped by when he reached the one I was writing on. It was an interesting conversation from beginning to end.

First he was not sure how to address me since the second letter of the name was inverted. So I read it out loud at once, explaining the change. Seeing my template had made him doubt whether I truly belonged to graffiti, then he dismissed the doubt as unimportant, but understood that I was doing it for pleasure, which in other conversations in other neighborhoods with more buying power, was usually  attributed to a job, a difficult job.

To make  a long story short, I made him understand that we could talk about graffiti and it quickly got around to an interesting experience of his in Madrid some 20 years ago. The first time he  went there, the first thing he ever saw was the word Muelle, he started drawing it in the air. It was his first memory of that trip.

We talked about him, about his life and his death. He didn´t seem to care much, but he remembered vividly the shape of the tag.

Suddenly three kids  about 12 years old appeared out of nowhere and went: Wow is that you L ***?! .

The guy started laughing…

No less interesting is the research Luce has done on a floor polisher, which paradoxically is the most prolific bomber in the city of Valencia

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