This saturday a new expo opens at MTN Cafe and Resturant, leaving us with a retrospective on the towns history of graffiti, full of self-criticism.

‘At the end of the nineties a bunch of crazed scientists where terrified about what was going to happen with our computers after the new number of the year 2000. Parallel to this, in a Barcelona where “anything goes” was the norm, a new attitude was slowly growing and experimented with by a younger generation of writers.

This new wave grew along side with internets disinformation, the new zero-tolerance politics and the disorientated mainstream culture of that time. The terms of the game was changing and a revaluation of bombing and painting had to be done. The classic NY graff and other earlier influences was revised, same as the legacy of crews like AAA and TSK. But what we come to focus at is the healthy friendship and chemistry between the components behind this “Year 2000 problem”, groups such as GI-TDC-GFM-HDA.

NEWNOW wants to celebrate this “mediterranean well-being” by documenting the erratic beginning of this circle of writers when they still where newbies, or toys if we may.
We will show you the first sketches before these writers got to touch a spray can, their first unforgettable pieces and some of the “stains” they at last succeeded to forget.’

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