Aryz, Liquen, Miss Van, Grito, Patrick Evoke, Alexa Hatanaka, Eme, Labuenaylamala, San, La Mano, and Tizne have been working hard these days on the walls that will be open to public next friday 23rd and saturday 24th at La Escocesa. The event will stay up until the 25th of November, and the program are full of exhibitions, projections of documentaries, gatherings and concerts.

Friday 23rd of Noviembre
17:00 a 22:00 – The festival opens its doors and the murals are presented / Live painting
17:00 a 22:00 – photo exhibition of “20 years of graffiti in Poble Nou
17:00 – Meeting – Vernissage with the invited artists
18:00 – Projection of the documentary “The subsconcious art of graffiti removal” (20 mins):

18:20 – Projection of the documentary “Next the movie” (95 mins)
20:00 a 21:00 – Round table

Saturday 24th of Noviembre
12:00 a 24:00 – The Murals of the day are presented / Live painting.
12:00 a 24:00 – Photo exhibition of “20 years of graffiti in Poble Nou
17:30 – Projection of the documentary “Bomb it” (95 mins)
– Concert: Ilia Mayer, Burdeos y Dj Kenor.

La Escocesa
Pere IV 345 – Barcelona
Metro L4 Selva de Mar and L2 Bac de Roda

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