We are honored to announce that today is the official launch of the website of the studio Inocuo The Sign. You all know too well its alma mater, the brilliant designer and illustrator from Barcelona Javier Gutierrez Gil aka Inocuo along with his partner and co-founder David Fernández.

Javier “Inocuo”, master of the handstyle, has impregnated all kinds of painting surfaces with many different textures, types and characters for almost 20 years now since the day he made an early entrance at the School of Art and Design of the Massana.

From then on his career has been a project after project, stealing hours from the night and dispensing digital imagery which then was transferred to the most diverse physical formats. He demonstrated and demonstrates that it is possible to bring warmth to digital art, where each piece of the work has been treated with the dedication and devotion of a craftsman.

In this new website you can follow in a clear and intuitive presentations the most prominent recent projects of the studio and  get close to the last pieces produced by Diestro, the new branch dedicated to motion graphics and digital animation.

Do not stand at the gates of the factory. Come in and enjoy!

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