Fafa Márquez, the artist from seville, will be presenting his last works today 20th of December below the title ‘Keep Walking’ at 0034 space in Sevilla. The shows concern is to shed some light on the independent artistic works coming out of the city.

Who better than himself to explain the meaning and sense behind the work:

“It is any vision from which ever moment.

The amount of space and the time that occurs at scarce height, just centimeters from the ground.

The action is presented without giving any importance to itself. The world that surrounds us exists inside and outside of the canvas, a lost look at the height of your shoes.

These daily objects, either we like them or not, are bound to us and they are not that essential. They cover us being outdoors and protects us from difficult terrain: A witness to your actions and a demonstration during its limited life. It is not about the destination, it is all about the road there. Its not the answers, more the questions.”

Don’t miss this.

> Opening in 0034, the premises of the art blog: “Graffiti y Que se Cuece”.

20th of December at 20:00 h. at  C/ Correduría, local 5b. 41002 Sevilla (opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 18:00 to 21:00).

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