We continue with our usual collaboration with the editorial project Madrid Revolution (If you are not familiar with it click here), and this time they present the underground activity of writer DEY. As a bonus we get to see some of the actions by the embers of crew M.C.S: Lakos, Zune, Gelok, Soar, Swel, Sace and Hipie.

Interviewed by Madrid Revolution.

Alias on the battlefield?

DEY, Mercenarios (MCS)

Why did you get into this shit?

I don’t know. I saw some kids doing it when i went to school, and since i loved studying (laughs), I slowly started to get into it. I got to know people, painted walls and fucked about like kids do, and from there on got to know other writers and got in deeper in the game until I got hooked and couldn’t quit. Traveling, do whatever possible to make a panel, left old friendships behind since they had less value now, quit seeing the family on sundays to go painting instead, didn’t do my important stuff to go out writing instead. Thats when you understand that you are sick and hooked up. Another world that doesn’t involve partying, girlfriends, not even family… It´s something else that you can’t really explain when you are doing it.

Why do you prefer quantity before quality?

I prefer quantity, I rather burn it all (laughs), make as much damage as possible you know my friends.

Who and what do you think that there is too much of on Madrid´s graffiti scene?

I believe that in 2012 we all know who and what there is too much of on this scene. Too much people that isn’t worth shit and have too many silver spoons from the start. This is Graffiti, not armed robberies (laughs), people who’s parents pay their trips to go painting: “Here son, have 500 euros to go study abroad and make as many metros as you can”… Man, if you don’t paint in you’re city you aint worth shit. You can start making metros like it was nothing, and the whole world freaks out because you made it.. But you start doing commuters with humility, step by step, because i believe: What is it worth being 18 years old and having done 150 metros, does it mean you have more cash than the rest or does it mean that you are bigger? There has to be a evolution to it and you have be conscious of what you do, not just suddenly stop and then continue slowly, and then again full on again. Like some people who got caught ones or twice and stay home because their parents are pissed off or the fact that they are scared, (laughs). A lot of writers don’t know what its like to be chased and have to hide for 8 hours in minus 3 degrees while all the cops in the village are looking for you… And they don’t know what it is to travel a thousand kilometers in one day only to paint that special model of wagon you like so much. Or to spend two days without sleep or food, no money, trying to do the metro of a city. Writers who never had to deal with these things are a surplus to me. There are people who knows what i am talking about, and my friends knows it for sure. The types i mentioned before have no idea about graffiti on trains or in the metro in general.

Do you consider the metro in Madrid to be on of the hardest to hit metros that you have done so far?

Madrid is not the hardest metro to do, but the realest. A lot of security, frequent rounds of guards, for real. When you paint the Madrid metro you feel a incredible sensation, its a inexplicable feeling you don’t get from other things in life or other metro systems.

Even if i didn’t paint that much outside of Spain. When i hear that someone did the metro here in Madrid it hurts… and it hurts bad, like i wanna burst. It´s a strange sensation (laughs). Few people knows this feeling of anger, and i get the same feeling if I’m at home sleeping and i get a sms from a friend telling me he just came back from a perfect mission while i was asleep… it kills me!

How many countries have you gone to paint in, and what was the highlights of those places?

Ohh, countries, just a few. As i said my parents doesn’t pay for my trips, so was never able to go wild and travel around as much. I stick to Paris and Berlin.

When you go out to paint, who do you go with? With your crew members or with the first one who wants to come along? Some people have been heard saying “I paint however and with anyone”…

Lets see now, everybody always says that they paint with their friends but its a fat lie. You have make a team and fill the cars going there, and be straight: everyone has to play their role to make it work. But come on, I’ve painted with a lot of different writers, and to the ones that has turned me down or fucked up our mission i wish them all to hell (laughs). Same as them towards me for giving them trouble, but thats how it works in Madrid, if you don’t do it to them they’ll do it to you. I got my crew to go out with any day I want and they never fail me: Lakos, Zune, Gelok, Waze, Hipie, Soar… I think we have created a solid and smoked out crew that goes out to fuck shit up without problems, and with a smile on our faces. A strong group MAKING DAMAGE.

Next question was supposed to be about what you would like to say to writers who are starting to paint, but i rather ask you: What would you like to say to the writers who have been in the game for a long time?

I don’t know, I really don’t know that many veterans, but the ones who pisses me off and want to act all like “kings” i can only say: THERE ARE NO KINGS, this is only over periods, and for myself i can only say that I’m not going to stop until i die. I will always be there…

Shout outs!

Lakos, Zune, Gelok, Soar, Swel, Sace, and to Hipie, who never turned me down and will always be there. Whatever happens i love you! MAKING DAMAGE, 2012-2013, COMING SOON.

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