Saturday 2d February at 19.30h

IgalDan ‘America vs Europe

‘To the rescue for artists work that comes to life, without asking for anything in return

The stressful and caotic Babylon brings with itself a fast proliferation of the urban art: IgalDan has gone to battle to capture what is left before it all is covered in cement.
His perspective and his curious encouragement has created a true archive of contemporary vanguard in which today we can investigate and acquire material through webs and exhibition walls. The material of his works puts a frame on these hidden highlights form the urban jungle, this way presenting us a ideal relation between architecture and surroundings.

The inexhaustible journey looking for colors and textures shows us the true possibility of public art, a encouraging dialog stimulated by the urban experience. The photographer embraces new ideas, projects and collaborations that he encounters on his way.

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