The innovating project The Style Roulette has resulted to be a big hit. The results obtained thanks to the participants as well as for the following we had from the audience.

We have to say that the selected artists for the task have been above expectations, finishing their works in style and with true talent and skills.

We hope that this challenge has reached its aim to get a new perspective on how to study styles, and to be able to see clearer the difference in these individual styles. It also helps the participants in their own personal way of creating in terms of form and creativity though understanding the other artists ways of thinking and making graffiti.

A unforgettable experience which we hope has not reached its end.

MUSA: BRK with ISER style.

PANT: SAWE with BRK style

SAWE: SPOK with PANT style.

BRK192: PANT with MUSA style.

SPOK: ISER with SAWE style.

ISER: MUSA with SPOK style.

The only thing left is to suggest you to comment here which drawing you find has reached the best result, or which drawing you find best looking at the difficulty of the task.

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