One thing that is for sure is that there is as many styles of music as there are colors. Or even more.

There are music for the brave as well as for the more cowardly. Music for troubadours, for the working class and for poets. Music for charlatans and music for normal people. Even for house pets and big mouthed people there is a type of music. There is music for everyone in the end.

The music of Cecilio G is for the broken hearted, for people from the street, for the ones on the street-corner, for those who sell dime-bags and for the ones who paints shutters in the cities. For the ones who are kings and toys at the same time… proud people.

The rhymes of Cecilio G are for those who understands that the G stands for Godzilla. For the ones whose food are based on stuff from industrial bakeries and for people who write their letters on walls.

Cecilio G is a young and promising artist, but not really a youngster either. He is not a rapper from Barcelona, only almost.. Cecilio G is an MC from Bogatell. He is part of crews like WTC, NOT and MPB. He is sort of like a overdose of french fries. Like he says on one of his tracks: ‘If you listened to the Morriers Gang you know the deal. If you didn’t listen to the Morriers Gang then you don’t know the deal‘.

Cecilo G presents his debut CD “In the corner” at the Montana Cafe.

If you are one of those who pay your dues, you can get it for only 5 euros.

Cover artwork by Foner.

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