The new 94 gold is a very versatile product, specially designed for outlining on black or dark colors and for decoration. Once dry, it leaves a gold effect with no match, due to its special pigmentation.

The low pressure valve system allows an easier control and avoid any dust on the finish.

Ideal for decoration, due to its no “leafing” and permanent nature, it can be used for painting any kind of objects such as frames, ornaments, furniture etc, and even objects with no paint-friendly surface such as lamp foots, railings, door knobs and other metal objects.

• Low pressure, easier to use and more precise.

• Clean lines, no dust, perfect for making lines on top of dark colors.

• Easy to repaint with any other color due to its no “leafing” nature: with smooth permanent pigment.

• Dries super fast.

• Ideal final finish, no coat needed.

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