The ‘Versus’ project comes to light as a type of platform to be able to discover the new color range of Hardcore2 through the experiences of well known writers, at both a local level as well as on a international level. The concept is very simple, just like graffiti was during its more primal state: The invited artists choose their colors for filling, and black and white for outlines and highlights.

A excellent way to show us the skills and ingenuity of these writers by confronting these limitations, and at the same time, check the results of each of these new colors in a clairvoyant way, without any noise, without accessories or additives, only a writer painting a surface for a video not even two minutes long.

During the coming two months we will present a new “Versus” every week. What better way to open this new event than with EGS, one of the masters of european style from the last decade, with no doubt a good representative of the scandinavian graffiti scene due to all his merits and experiences. His own choice of color: Azul Costeau. 1st round…. Fight!

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