The next exhibition prepared by Blacklab22 features the artist Dibo. All indications are that the event will include some very peculiar works.

It is planned as a meeting of craftsmen under the spirit ARTS & CRAFTS. ARTS & SKILLS..
Thus, Dibo aka STOP, brings us closer to craftsmanship and some new ideas and offers us a fuller picture of his other work, not as popular as graffiti but no less cultivated, both physical and digital,  looking into the past and envisioning the future.

Oils, acrylics, paper, wood, fashion, longboards, shoes, projections, graffiti, and music from  the multi-disciplined artist.
Life is a circle and this time the circle is completed by our friends from CDH (Cosas De Hermanas) with fashion accessories customized by the artist. LONGDAYS LONGBOARDS with wood handmade boards. THE POINT Selected Sneakers with the latest in street wear… And of course the best music by FIGHTING CLASH.

C/Blas Valero 22
Elche, SPAIN

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