GFM is one of the crews who most represent Barcelonas graffiti scene today. Este, Guan, Foner, Nimek and Yesk are some of the names of the group, and the same ones now gets put to the test in our latest episode of VERSUS. You can definitely say that these writers took the color Violeta Geisha to its highest level.

And as we are getting used to, together with the video you also get the small interview of ‘The Best Choice‘.

Quantity: What is the most pieces you guys have made in a single day?

If we count all the members of the crew..well, many, and on all kinds of surfaces.

Cover: In what cities have you been painting?

Here and there through out Spain, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Oslo, Milan, Torino, Napels, Lisbon, Porto, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Marseille, Lille, Lyon, Brussels, Rome, Sicily, Bonn, Hamburg, Morocco, Nice, Vienna, Rotterdam, Sofia, Dominican Republic.. And probably some place we forgot.

Pressure: What is the biggest problem you have come across while painting?

Trials, judgements and generally people judging us.

Colors: What combination of colors did you choose for this, and why?

Violeta Geisha, black and white, since we love Sushi and because all purples and violets from MTN covers perfectly.

Drying: What is the longest period you have gone through without painting?

If someone from the crew doesn’t paint today some of the others will! Always active since 2001!

How was your experience of painting with hardcore2?

We like them because they are still cans to paint fast with, fun!

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