Apparently, the visit of Okuda San Miguel in South America has been a real ‘non-stop’ experience.
For starters, on March 27th he opened the exhibition ‘Nada ni Nadie‘ for the Puma Urban Art festival in Lima. Okuda‘s work, true to his  colorful and surreal usual line, is a reflection on the contradictions and conflicts of life, occurring both at the surface as well as on more existential levels.

As expected, he did not miss the opportunity to perform on the street, both with his murals as well as his typical interventions. This time he worked in cooperation with the regular at these ends Sixe from Barcelona, whose connection to the pre-Columbian cultures has been made ​​clear in the course of his work.

Okuda´s website has been updated with a handful of these new street productions in Lima, Valparaiso and  Santiago, Chile between artists like Spok, CN6 and Dasic. Here is the video of one of the pieces by Okuda, Sixe and Radio, a local artist and new friend:

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