Reis is one of the most emblematic and most actively representing crews of Lisbon, known both within as well as outside of the portuguese borders. The constant search for more both in quantity and quality is what best defines this multidisciplinary group:Trains, walls and streets is their main objectives, and they do it well.

They chose the color Violeta Profeta (Prophet Violet) to show us their skills and abilities as a team. As we might have been able to guess the object for the mission was one of those classic Lisbon trains with the corrugated panels.


What is the most pieces you have made in a single day?

We don´t count em, We are looking for quallity not quantity.

In what cities have you been painting?

Different cities that the system boys are looking for.

What is the biggest problem you have come across while painting?

Find time to do all we want to do.

What combination of colors did you choose for this, and why?

First we chose Azul Cousteau, but it was already taken, so we went for Violeta Profeta instead.

What is the longest period you have gone through without painting?

We never stop, but life´s responsibilities are a priority also.

How was your experience of painting with hardcore2?

About Hardcore 2… We are amazed with the new V-Touch System… Keep up the good work…

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