Here´s a small taste and a video of the first ever exhibition by ARYZ on American soil, and Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco is the place for this historic show.

Text and images courtesy of Spit.

There we are standing in line together with a whole bunch of fans and followers of the young artist from Cardedeu outside of Barcelona. With a organic ice cream in my hand, the way it should be if you’re in SF, waiting to get inside to get a glimpse of his 20 new pieces of different techniques, well… Mixed Media (like the name of his crew) might be the best word to present his new “collage” of items that a first sight might seem as random things, but that in the end really represent stuff that has crossed Aryz’ s path during the years; cars, tractors, and not be surprised, bones structures.

In the cozy and friendly gallery, a painting on wood watches over the space, and it seems as if the eyes painted on it is watching every movement in the room. But it is not alone, to the right of it there is a still life painting and to its left the jewel of the show shines with its presence… The bust of a dog carved in Lime wood.

The completely painted room make us feel like we are situated within one his murals.

About time Aryz!

* You can see more pictures from the pre-opening right here.

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