For today’s postcard we bring this image taken from JBCB´s tumblr.
The Jukebox Cowboys collective is going strong on the international scene. Its members boast great skill in creating characters with style, while showing an exquisite taste in the choice of colors. In addition to these technical aspects, their versatility allows them to intervene both on walls and trains making them an all-terrain crew.
This image seems to focus a part of the design of a blue train hovering between two parts. Although it appears only a small part of each graffiti, it is easy to identify that it is JBCB, namely Skoe (left) and Crap (right).
The Curious blue model is a train of Osnabrück, a German rail system outside the Deutsche Bahn. The tracks, completely covered with snow, are an indication of the severity of winter in northern Germany and the harsh climatic conditions faced by graffiti writers.
It is very suggestive that the wild horse that is part of the design of that model train appears in the middle of the composition. A wild horse tamed by the German “Cowboys”.

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