He has been using the name 2Shy since 2007 and has participated in countless groups such as ERS, TMA, YKS, VAD, TOY, RNB… These credentials are sufficient to understand the position of this writer on the chessboard of European graffiti. Bearer of the ignorant style from years before, his reputation has thrived thanks to his spontaneous style of illustration and design.
Graffiti Black Blog has had the pleasure of interviewing him  showing the peculiar attitude of this writer based in Belgium.

2Shy is the title of an episode of the 3rd season of the xfiles series… It’s the name of the serial killer who stalks girls on the internet.’

‘I prefer safe values like HONET, EGS, NUG, PUM, FUZI and RAP, POCH, SMOLE, VINO and BLUE, REAS, PETRO, SEB, FUNC88, FINSTA, TEACH, NEMA, CESAR .. Plenty of them make pieces of art and thus they succeed in distinguishing themselves from others.. As for the youngest : SPIT, SAWE, ISER, AKBAR, PANT…’

I’m like a cat, I had several lives which match different parts of my life…’

No soft drugs for me‘.

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