We spent a couple of days in New York City and we could’t have had better host than the Tuff City Styles crew.
Recently Tuff City and Montana Colors joined forces to provide the best products to NYC graffiti scene, with a full respect for the culture, in such emblematic city, where all started.

Our first stop was at the Tuff City store Manhattan (17 Essex st), the newest shop, right downtown. The store is an exact replica of a MTA subway train, just unbelievable!
As usual, graffiti tools share place with a tattoo studio and in the back, the infamous yard which you can book for painting.

If you feel like moving uptown, take your way to the Bronx, but stop first in Spanish Harlem for a classic pizza slice at Patsy’s, founded in 1933 and still rolling: thanks Med and Bas to share with us the spot!

Cross the river and go for the real deal, the Bronx. Here you’ll find the most complete graffitishop in town, Tuff City Bronx aka MTN Shop NYC (East Fordham Road, Bronx, NYC), representing the best of writing, no matter if on walls or skin.
A couple of MTA trains replicas as tattoo studios, plus racks full of paint and a giant backyard as playground for visitors or NYC writers, including BX legends.

If you want a real taste of NYC old and new school, don’t miss Tuff City aka MTN Shop.

Big respect for Med and Ces for the great job and thanks for the hospitality, see you in Ibiza and Barcelona soon!

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