“My father encouraged me to draw at a very early age, I have pictures of me on his lap at age two trying to hold onto the marker pens as he worked. My father and my mother Barbara actually named me after the markers my father used for coloring his comic strips. Later Vaughn would show me his strips and tell me this is what I did yesterday with Cheech Wizard and I’m drawing what we did . So as a child I imagined that his worlds were real the Cheech was truly real and was walking among us kind of like a twisted Santa Claus.

As a young child would believe such a thing, I was brought up in a imaginary world and I wouldn’t trade it if I had to do it all again. I always wanted to follow in my fathers foot steps and because of my up bringing the style and the worlds are effortless to continue.

My father was a very funny man in life. One day we went for a walk up a mountain (really a small hill) but a mountain to a small child, and I raced up ahead of my dad and picked up a big rock and tossed it down at my father with little effort, I thought this would be a funny thing but it hit my father strait on the head and almost knocked him out! He stumbled backwards in a daze as I laughed at him. But his face turned bright red and he had incredible anger on his face, he didn’t punish me but our walk was ended that day with him very mad at me. I still remember this like it was yesterday. I am older now and only hit myself over the head on occasion.

I have been extremely fortunate to of always been an artist and make a living at it. I find diversity in art challenging and a must for keeping the income flow in tact. I do comics, illustrations, tattooing and graffiti art, and licensing, and I buy and sell art mostly my fathers and my art of course, but my favorite of everything I do is spray can art! It’s public it’s physical and it’s big and a fast vehicle for my imagery.

This being said it’s the highest honor for me to do a show at Montana Gallery and I made sure that the people of Spain are going to get a once in a lifetime experience at our show EL MUNDO DE LOS BODÉ! I want to thank Anna Dimitrova for inviting the idea of having the Bodé show at Montana gallery in the beautiful city of Barcelone Spain. OLÉ! On with the show!!!’

Mark Bodé

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