This image appears in the fourth edition of the magazine Goodfellas, in the special made about Cyrus and Jers. The image shows a bus in traffic in Kufürsten Anlage in Heidelberg with a Blow piece on it. The author of the piece is Cyrus, a well known writer internationally for his dynamic style, good color scheme and of course… incredible technique. This piece is a perfect example of it.
Buses aren’t usually the most common thing to paint for writers, maybe because it is not graffiti tradition to paint buses, but it can be seen as an extension to street bombing.
Even so, the buses of Heidelberg has quite peculiar characteristics  that makes them very attractive if you want to get up: They take time to buff them, and the piece will circulate around in the city even more visual to the public than most trains. This is why most painted buses we find on the internet are buses from Heidelberg I guess. The photo is taken from a perfect distance to be able to appreciate the urban landscape around it, testifying about its daily routes in traffic. The shining buildings and the S-printing Horse statue by Jürgen Goertz combines perfect to the impeccable style of Cyrus rolling work, creating a startling combination of architecture, sculpture and quality graffiti at its best.

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