As you might already know, Montana Colors collaborated during this years XGAMES held in Barcelona last week. During four days Montana was responsible for organizing a long line of activities related to graffiti with live painting and exhibitions with top quality crews like Hawaii Computers and GFM. Also some artists dropped in to represent for example Russia and Venezuela, and to represent home ground we had help from Kapi.

Many of the actions where made on Cellograff, taking advantage of the columns made by japanese sculpture artist Aiko Miyawaki which was raised here for the olympics. The ‘metal forest’ came to live in full color and created an interesting and playful contrast.

Meanwhile, about 200 m away from this intervention other artists worked on a 18 m long x 2,5 m high mural in wood made to the occasion. On this wall three productions was made, one for each day of the event, all by the local crews we just mentioned. To complete the exceptional ambience of graffiti created during the event, we also held a spot for customizing boards for the skaters through a improvised workshop next to out official stand. Next to this Sawe also put together a ‘Face in hole‘ and a mural made of the classic ‘Hello my name is’ stickers for all the assistants to leave their mark on.

Here we leave some pics of what went down for all of you who couldn’t make it there, all from setting the event up to the final results which you will all see soon enough through the video that Edgar Lledó is preparing for us.

Special thanks to all the writers and artists that participated, to Edgar Lledó, to all the carpenters that made the mural, to the whole Montana staff that was involved and thanks to the organization for counting on us.

We all feel the desire to repeat this experience!

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