Montana Colors is proud to present three new limited editions, expanding the range of artists who have left their mark on these unique aerosols.
The California artist and designer Madsteez, the urban artist C215 and the duo Scien and Klor known also as 123Klan are the newest additions. Three artistic identities that offer a variety of styles for all tastes.

Mark Paul Deren aka Madsteez is a versatile artist and designer based in California. Known for his large-scale productions, often mixing familiar characters and weird figures in abstract landscapes. In his latest works, his portraits of chromatic quirky characters feature personages of the popular culture of the 90’s (Eazy E or Bill Cosby). For this limited edition Madsteez has chosen the always friendly Carlton Banks, played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro in the legendary series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.

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