Every writer has a different way of assimilating their own work. Some proudly display their pieces, others more self-demanding never seem satisfied with what they do. And of course there are those who would not care much about the aesthetic result of their graffiti. But without exception, they all have some works which they feel dearly for and remember always with great fondness. They are the favorite pieces.
We are now setting up a section in which any writer can show the 3 pieces he/she likes best out of all their published material .
A piece can be regarded as a favorite for its sketch, color, location it was made or simply for the story behind it that the picture could not capture. In any case it is a good way to understand the tastes of the writer in question and also remember that every piece of graffiti that we see is much more than a few colors applied to a surface.

Today we have the British classic Dreph.

‘This photo encapsulates what I love about Barcelona…Blue skies, sand, sea and spray-paint. This is possibly my favourite color schemes to date. I learned that it’s not a clever thing to paint this spot mid-day in the height of summer with no water.’

‘Half way through painting this in Vienna with Curtis we noticed a young couple at the opposite end of the platform. We decided to carry on painting and finish ASAP. Bearing in mind that we were two masked men, alone in the station in the dead of night, we were surprised when the couple walked up to us to look at what we were doing. They stood with us for some time discussing what we were doing like it was some gallery exhibit . I dread to think what would have happened to them had the police showed up. To add to the randomness our pieces didn’t get buffed until a couple of months later.’

‘This rooftop piece was painted in Newcastle, one of my favourite cities in the North of England. As usual nothing was really planned for this one but it all seems to have come together and I feel like i’m starting to get loose with my lettering. S.O.S was also formed during this trip.’

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