One thing that really draws your attention being a person from southern Europe coming to Berlin is all the pieces made in the river. You automatically start to imagine writers bombing from boats. This photo explains this Phenomenon perfectly.
The pic was taken from Honet‘s webpage from one of his ‘extraordinary adventures’. The pic dates back to 2007 and shows a person from behind taking a photo of his own piece. Dacya WUFC-SDK is who we are looking at in front of the famous Oberbaum bridge over the river Spree, which carries both pedestrians, vehicles and metros between the shores of WarschawerStrasse and Schlesisches Tor.
Since the river is completely frozen and, even looking highly unstable, can hold a person with no problem it becomes a perfect scenery for this peculiar moment from Honet and friends adventures. Don’t miss their partner in crime saluting in the far background…

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