Due to the exhibition ‘Bits and Pieces‘ we made a interview with Bates in the spotlight through some questions in the same style we did with the 123Klan. Even if this style master’s fame precedes him, his answers testifies of his immeasurable knowledge and experience of graffiti culture.

-What can we find in a Bates’ exhibition that we can not find in Bates’ wall pieces?

There’s some experimental things, classic Bates styles on canvas. I wanted the same expression from the walls onto canvas, so yo can look up close for details and be able to own an original artwork from me…

-Introducing a show at Montana Gallery Montpellier… How do you see european southern graffiti (France, Spain, Italy…)?

Those countries have the strongest graffiti movement together with Germany… I believe!

-Choose one of the three answers:

-European city?
1. Barcelona
2. Paris
3. Berlin

Probably Berlin.

-Old School?
1. Blade
2. Dondi
3. Seen

Blade as The Old School.
Dondi for timeless styles.
Seen for concept wholecars and colors.

-Street art?
1. Obey
2. Banksy
3. Blu

Obey for hard work and dedication.
Banksy for creating his own hype.
Blu for the talent.

1. Michael Jackson
2. Elvis
3. Mozart

MJ for funky music.
Elvis for sexy moves and getting them girls go crazy.
Mozart for setting the mood.

1. Strawberry
2. Vanilla
3. Chocolate

Vanilla icrecream.
Chocolate from Peter Beier.
Strawberry with cream and sugar.

1. Can2
2. Dare
3. Smash137


1. Rosy One
2. Utah
3. Mad C

What about Mickey TFP?

1. Italian
2. Spanish
3. French

Italian pasta and pizza.
Spanish chorizo.
French baguette.

1. Magenta
2. Pistacho
3. Mandarina


1. Biggie
2. Pac
3. Rakim

Rakim for flow.
Biggie for melody.
Pac for text.

1. Egs
2. Kaos
3. Nug

Denmark: MORE FYS.
Sweden: ERSE TP.
Norway: GOAL AIO.

1. Mins
2. Sabe
3. Soten

Or EASER, SPORT, DETOS on trains.

1. Classic
2. Modern
3. Contemporary


-When will you invite us to your personal hall of fame?

You’re welcome, I give you a guide tour!

Peace and respect.

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