Canadian writer Scaner was curious to try the new MTN 94 Silver… So he brought some of them with him together with some other colors and a hand full of new york fat caps and experimented with it in his own way. These are the results:

‘First of all I was really curious about that new 94 silver so I went out for a test drive (simple burner) and I was really sastified with it! The over spray is really shy and the control is flawless!

‘I like the fact that it doesnt really overspray and it is so smooth with the 94 pressure! I did my piece using a classic new-york fat cap!

‘I must admit that is is a bit less shinny but it is still fresh and it dry really fast. Just make sure that you shake it very well!

The other good thing about this silver is that you can go over it right away!
I will rock manny more 94silver pieces this summer!

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