Every writer has a different way of assimilating their own work. Some proudly display their pieces, others more self-demanding never seem satisfied with what they do. And of course there are those who would not care much about the aesthetic result of their graffiti. But without exception, they all have some works which they feel dearly for and remember always with great fondness. They are the favorite pieces.
We are now setting up a section in which any writer can show the 3 pieces he/she likes best out of all their published material.
A piece can be regarded as a favorite for its sketch, color, location it was made or simply for the story behind it that the picture could not capture. In any case it is a good way to understand the tastes of the writer in question and also remember that every piece of graffiti that we see is much more than a few colors applied to a surface.

This is Rosy One‘s choice:

‘Back in 1994 my name was “Bask”, next to a few other names. “RosyOne” is quite a new name, only since 1996.
I especially love this character. The hands reminds me of the wildstyle stage-picture from Lee.’

‘I painted this piece in 1998, after spending holidays in NewYork. Ashey and I wrote “Givin’ up food for funk”, because we bought a lot of vinyl there.’

‘This piece I call it “Hip Hop”. It was the time, when I did the Dopepose project.
Posing was very important for me. And I put focus on fashion elements like flat-top, sneakers, backpieces, earrings…’

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