Pick Up Productions presents this interesting project named “Histoire d’un Mur“. They have built a wall in the center of the city of Nantes in France where they have made various interventions and spectacles. The curtains was pulled up on the 28th of June to present the invited artists ideas and techniques.


In the first round made by Lek and Sowat, we could see a quite interesting intervention made as a pure revelation of Stanley Kubrick sci-fi style. The managed to nail the style on the wall through the theme of the basic human kind of the past to its futuristic development to come.

At the second round, Tilt , Tober and Kool T went to work to present the history of conventional graffiti with its focus on graffiti most dirty and destructive side. The work was dedicated to present the energy of real graffiti by avoiding its more decorative aspects.


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