This morning i met with Sozy and Pant to go make a wall together. I came late because i missed the train, but when i finally showed up it was all good. We got some paint from Antonios shop and went by car down to this area in the center, JO, the brother of Sozy drove us there. The wall is located in the north-east part of Valencia, close to the river. The wall is on backstreet in a very quiet neighborhood. Today the heat was unbearable and a part of the wall was not covered by shadow.  We start painting without any problems with no cops in sight. The people that passed by and saw us where really nice and sympathetic. We where working under a lot of concentration and only took a few breaks.

I know we managed to do it without planning it, but we we brought similar colors without knowing it, so when i saw the final result i freaked out over the composition. Jo calls me “the man without method”, maybe because he read some of my interviews. Jo is funny guy with a good and strong sense of humor and i laugh all time from hearing his jokes through his strong accent from Andalusia… He live in Marbella. Were having fun… good.

The wall was finished in a couple of hours.
When Pant sent me the pics i was very surprised, the result was excellent, all of us made a great job on each of our sides. The battle of Valencia has been served.

Fasim Uno, 156 All Stars, The Death Squad (TDS)

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