Imagine yourself walking home alone or with someone. A couple meters away from you someone is painting a shutter or a wall. We are telling you this because we know you didn’t notice what happened, you didn’t see it.

But don’t judge yourself: it is not only that you don’t look… He hides well, and its your mind that is playing tricks on you. He stays in your blind spot so you can’t interpret what you are seeing.
And, as if it wasn’t enough all ready, he manages to keep his calm, like if he was convinced he was doing something with no guilt.He acts cool and with complete confidence because the trick is to not make any sudden movements, not letting yourself be seen.
You did not see anything!

This is Coun and he tried out the new Hardcore chrome.

This new chrome covers well, the line is fat and clean; it spreads a bit more than the old one, and also it dries fast enough to make lines without having to wait a while.

Many of you remember Coun, the tireless bomber from the basque country, and this time we can see him through the work of Jaleo’s Productions. Let’s watch it again…

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