Not long ago we invited a new writer to have a spot on one of our MTN Blogs: Aper. He has opened his new platform with a pic of a german train. Also he has dedicate a post to Dare (RIP), and another one with a silver piece, throw-ups and a swiss ‘nina’ train. ¬°Unstoppable!

And also this is good moment to notify about the latest updates on the rest of the blogs… Towns posted a review of his visit to Paris with a bunch of pictures and a really nice piece.

And when it comes to Sueme it seems that he is enjoying the summer heat all the way. The amount of pieces he has posted is the proof we get. In his last update he has shared a really strange clip

Last but not least BRK192 brought us a whole collection of pics, drawings and random photography, all of this to the sounds of Tito Puente at Sesame Street.

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