Seb is the last writer who put his three aces on the table.

This is one of my favorite pieces… It is a nickname i use, “CURL”, because I am a hairstylist. To me the letters are perfect and the wall is great for a illegal pieces like this. I love the orange 2G, to me it is one of the best cans.

This one is another of my favorites. I really love bubbles and it reminds me of a 70’s NYC piece, was the first time i use the Green Mint for outlines, normally I don’t use too many colors, but this time I did it for fun and I think it works.

I really like this one, and I was always a big fan of silver pieces. With silver you can’t lie, its all about the letters. I also used one of my most preferable cans: Red Montana 2G, a can perfect for illegal painting. A week later the spot was flat like a dessert.

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