The Estación de Francia (Barcelona-Estació de França) is the only station in Barcelona that has preserved its old architecture as a classic train station. The curtains was pulled back in 1929 of its impressive metal structures which unites both classic and modern styles at ones. Estación de Francia is one of the last european train stations that has maintained this style. The station is of great artistic and historic importance, and for some writers it is beyond its distinguished architectonic beauty.

In this image we can see some of the central rails of the station and a commuter train with a piece in purple and green made by french writer Smole on it. The incorporation of an icon is a classic part of the compositions by this writer. The image dates back to 2008 when Smole used to live in Barcelona. Always accompanied by other writers such as Afiler, Saxo and Salamech.

The oldest station in Barcelona was the one of the favorite places to paint for these visitors during their time in Barcelona.It is interesting and fun to see that, at least for a while the ‘Station of France’ could have been called the ‘Station of the French guys’.

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