Now, the Australian writer Atome reveal his own three favorite pieces…

Amsterdam mid 90’s

‘I was wondering through by chance my spanish friend KAMI was in town. It was a very very hazy time. A lot of laughing and alot of dizzyness too.
Kami myself and some of the INC crew decided to paint a vacant lot. A building had been pulled down so it seemed fine.
Amsterdam was pretty open at the time so we didn’t even think there would be any objections. But there was… I thought i’d get a little arty and freestyled this one… I always liked it. the place. The people. The piece.
That was a good time.’

Paris St Denis

‘I hadn’t been back to Europe in about 5 years.
This was my first official time in Paris. I was there with an Australian Buddy “Trafik”. We met up with Marco and painted this wall in the St Denis courts.

I liked the outline. I especially liked the browns pinks and lime green final… But the kids who chilled with us played ball with us and tried to teach me french made this a day never to forget.

The locals were all down for it. I was happy to leave this but it definitely made me feel like I need to spend more time in Paris. The future.’

Bondi Beach Sydney

‘I came up looking at some of Sydney’s kings from the east. So I’ve always had a seminal connection to Bondi (eastern suburbs).
This was the last piece I had on the Bondi Beach promenade. It was suppose to be a color explosion but in the end we fliped it and kept it super simple color wise, and gave the background a fuzz of bits…
I very rarely do dark outlines so this one stands out a little more than others for me.
You can’t really see in the photo, but the background was worked a lot. There was a lot of little things going on that I really liked.

This is probably the busiest and simplest piece I did that year. Not the best of the best but when you paint down at the beach… memories of the sand, the curves and the sun triggers this as one of my favorites from last year.’

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