The Barcelona Wildstyle Master based in Valencia, bring us besides him during the process of his last masterpiece…

‘New shit from my bunker. Valencia 17:00, Im walking towards my bunker all inspired, I have a sketch ready which seems promising. I chosen the colors for it some days ago; I make variations of colors out of what I have already until I make one I am happy with, this one is simple but I like it a lot, far from bright screaming and scandalous colors. My ¨bunker¨ is a piece of abandoned factory in the middle of a orange field, and it is quite hard to get in there. I have to enter through a series of fields and some water canals. Out there on the fields there is only farmers that passes by. Next to me I have a neighbor that has a garden and we know each other. He asked me for a light and then asked me if I am happy doing ¨this¨, I told him that I am, but that any type of job brings both joy and setbacks, good and bad from time to time, and that this passion of mine is mix both. We made a interesting painting there among the orange trees. I had calculated the route of the sun well with a compass I have with me. I know when sun or shadow will hit and where it will be. When I work in my Bunker it gives me a total calm and pleasure, it is the perfect place to work and meditate at the same time. I become a ninja at full speed. The space is not very big so you have to what it is, and thats why I made a quite compact sketch , specially designed for the space of my bunker.  Night time slowly came creeping up on me, and when I realize that I am almost finished with the piece, but I cant reach well as high as I need. I stayed a while to observe what  had been doing before finishing up. I fell into a state of some type of hypnosis from the feeling of wether I like or dislike my work, but I like it a lot. Few colors, not many tools for making it but with a big will of creating, a lot of energy and the result left me truly satisfied, something that rarely happens to me. I light up a spliff and keep my eyes on my creation, the sun sets at last and I am at peace and happy. Fasim, 21-08-2013.


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