Juntos y técnicamente revueltos‘ (‘Together and technically scrambled’), is the expo of Flan and Cristian Blanxer which will be opened next Saturday 7th of september at the Montana Café & Resturant.

The mix is of the brave kind, but still it combines well together, it is usually more explosive this way: Melon with cured ham, sulfuric acid with glycerin, gazpacho with vodka…
In this expo we can find a sample of this type of blends: Christian Blanxer and Flan, who both within their parameters of style are quite far from each other.
Blanxer works within the world of impressionism with a quite poetic drive in his art, while Flan is works with lines and inherited styles from underground comics, a fun and brutal touch of punk with a acid type of slapstick.

We get the chance to see their latest works, individually and teamwork, together, and sometimes scrambled. They show how you can coexist on the same space with completely different perceptions. Two different dialects of the same language in the same surrounding, and truly inventive.

When one blends with the other on the same canvas, wall, or whatever they tend to paint, they project a plastic type of genetics. Like a son of theirs, it has a little of both. And their genetics is capricious in its nature and only lets things come along as they go… Out of nice looking parents you get beautiful children. This is why that what least matters is what color of the eyes their creation has, or who made which lines: Both Blanxer and Flan can be as proud of their creations as the other. A extraordinary miscegenation which floats together, as much together as technically scrambled.

Oscar Valero ‘Riot’.

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