This Thursday the 5th of September in Montana Gallery Barcelona

Under the title of “Mediocre”, the Spanish-American painter Axel Void exposes different aspects of the everyday in this fifth exhibition of the the undocumented, inconsequential history that make up the stories of those we call the people.

Each work becomes a complementary part of this larger concept, while also retaining its individual reading in which various themes are examined, seeking out the extremes that emerge in distinct cultures and contexts.

A mix of canvases, drawings, objects and mural paintings will be shown at Montana Gallery Barcelona.

The range of media and subjects are shown together in a way that they create a sense of relationship and contrast at the same time, with a basis forming from photographs, found items and retold experiences that blend with the observations of the artist.

As fact and fiction comes together, the result is a complex and ambiguous view of those who live in a state of being extraordinarily mediocre.

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