There is only a few days left until  ‘Debens Remix Sessions‘ will come to its end, the exhibit that, curated by Art from Chaos, join for the first time at the Senda Gallery renowned names of the street art scene of Barcelona like DebensAlberto de BlobsMina HamadaPau MFand the duo Lolo and Sosaku.

Different artists representing the graffiti “breaking” feeling work and collaborate all together in Debens‘ studio to confront themselves though different  techniques (installations, collages, videos, up to the pictorial area) being able to realize and exhibit new original pieces joint with the personal work of each artist.  Solitary  and united works where the abstraction of the space of Debens meets the colored one of Mina Hamada, the figurative lines of Alberto de Blobs, the narrative content of Pau MF and the employment of the space of Lolo and Sosaku.

Demonstrating how artists linked to the street art movement are able to claim their space within the contemporary art, expanding their ability from the walls to the canvas through the amplitude and the polyvalence of different techniques. These artists don’t only share a common origin, but also they inherit the idea of the piece like “something collective”, a simultaneous work by various individuals, a mix where different styles meet and face making impossible identifying the authorship. Because this is the brilliant idea that makes the exhibit an unique and fascinating experience: works as a puzzle where, like in the game, we can loose ourselves in trying to decipher which part belongs to whom.

Our goal was to show work made by artists from the urban art scene and this is why I decided to invite: Debens, Alberto de Blobs, Lolo and Sosaku, Mina Hamada and Pau MF. All of them comes from painting in the streets, some of them has done graffiti and other has done street art, but they all have artistic careers and very personal styles.

In general the reception and the critique of the show has been very positive, as well from during the month that they worked together in Hangar, as when the show was opened.

I like the work of these writers since they have made a good job in a space which never before has shown any material of urban arts character before, and the art collectors who have come has been really surprised about the quality created made by people from such a alternative scene.

Art from Chaos.

We take this opportunity to invite you to the Live Painting that will be held tomorrow Friday September 20.

Thanks: Sandy Fiocchetti.

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