Out of all the gifts we have received from the ‘Octavo Asalto‘ festival, the one from Wesr Figueroa has probably been  the most outstanding of them all…

Contrary to all the other participants the peruvian artist painted horizontally decorating the ground on a path next to the shores of the river Ebro, below the famous bridge Puente de Piedra. In the background of the scenery we can see the symbol of Zaragoza, the Basílica del Pilar, making the image a perfect postcard for this years edition of the festival. In the image we can see building sites and landscape, the old and the new, local and international, it all blends in to perfection.

It is not the first time that Wesr Figueroa paints on the ground, but doing on a transit public place is probably something new:

I saw how people became part of my painting without noticing it, they pass on top of it and it is therefore constantly changing.
It will never be finished by me, I only did my part and the people makes it complete. It was funny to see come running or strolling over it.

From a stylistic point of view the influences of the artist from Lima is evident, but the vertical nature of the work also offers some unique technical possibilities:

I always paint characters based on our folkloric peruvian masks, this is where I come from. My graphic inspiration mainly springs from this as well. The only thing I change is the way I paint depending on what surface and materials I am using. A fact is that doing canvases has helped me in being able to do this painting; In this position there are textures that you can not develop while painting vertically.

My painting nurtures from my experiences of street painting, and now it is the other way around. I am ok with this. I am sure that in another moment I will have more strength to bring out my street influences.

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